What is T-MEDNet?

T-MEDNet initiative is devoted to develop an observation network on climate change effects in marine coastal ecosystems by spreading the acquisition of standard monitoring protocols on seawater temperature and biological indicators over large-scale and long-term. 

T-MEDNet members are Public Research Institutions, Marine Protected Areas and NGOs working in near-shore and coastal zone around the Mediterranean Sea.


Why T-MEDNet?

T-MEDNet resource platform is dedicated to:

  • International cooperation for climate change monitoring in the highly vital, highly dynamic, coastal zone
  • Share information, "know how" and expertise on warming signals and biological impacts
  • Raise awareness, contribute to update data and information available for stakeholders, decision makers and the interested general public
  • Sustain the development of adaptive management strategies to tackle with climate change impacts on marine biodiversity


Main T-MEDNet contributions

T-MEDNet is contributing to track and assess climate change effects on marine coastal ecosystems by providing sound information on:




Past, present and future in situ temperature conditions

  • Insights on coastal thermal regimes and seasonal stratification dynamics over extensive spatial and temporal scales for the very first time in the Mediterranean
  • Analyze warming trends and marine heatwaves in nearshore surface waters (0-40m)
  • Build more realistic 21st century coastal warming scenarios

Biological impacts

  • Insights on mass mortality events affecting the coastal benthic biota over extensive spatial and temporal scales for the very first time in the Mediterranean
  • Analyze relationships between T-conditions and biological responses, including episodic events, in particular the onset of mass mortality events, but also changes in distribution, behavior and phenology
  • Test and complement Climate Change approaches for coastal and Marine Protected Areas, from local to regional scale


T-MEDNet serves

Marine Protected Areas managers, marine scientists national oceanographic agencies, hydrographic offices, policy makers and the interested general public.

T-MEDNet is an initiative of the MedRecover research group based at the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) in Barcelona (Spain).

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