Tracking climate change
effects in the Mediterranean


What is

T-MEDNet is an initiative devoted to developing an international observation network on climate change effects in marine coastal ecosystems by spreading the acquisition of standard monitoring protocols on different indicators over a largescale and long-term.


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Our Mission

We want to promote a pan-Mediterranean cooperation supporting Climate Change monitoring in coastal habitats, by building open access databases, facilitate data and information sharing, organizing workshops and capacity building to empower local and regional actors and contribute to national and international reporting frameworks.


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T-MEDNet is contributing to track and assess climate change effects on marine coastal ecosystems by providing sound information on past, present, and future in situ temperature conditions, as well as biological impacts.


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Moreover, T-MEDNet is an active platform that regularly meets in scientific events and workshops and translates the collected database into relevant findings and peer-reviewed papers.


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Become a contributor to the T-MEDNet database by learning how to monitor and upload new observations.

We are guiding new members through standardized monitoring protocols and easy-to-follow video tutorials!


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Our platform includes temperature and mortality data of two different kinds: collected and contextual. While the collected data is taken at the T-MEDNet network observation sites, the contextual data gathers both published and unpublished data from different sources that offers an in-depth and contextual understanding of temperature and ecological impacts associated to climate changes in the Mediterranean, focusing in Marine Protected Areas.


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MPA-ENGAGE (Interreg Mediterranean Programme)The T-MEDNet project is funded by MPA-ENGAGE (Interreg Mediterranean Programme)