Contributors can easily upload their observations by registering or logging in to the MME-T-MEDNet database. Once logged in, our dashboard allows uploading data on Temperature surveys, Mass Mortality Events, and Monitoring Mortality. Find etailed instructions to upload and edit data about each indicator in the video tutorials below.

In order to fill in the MME-T-MEDNet database, contributors should contact the administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to prepare the proper format for the files to be uploaded. For nonpublished data the contributors are that warrant that s/he is the creator and owner of the content or otherwise has sufficient rights to be able to make the content available under the database license (License)

VIDEOTUTORIALS - Temperature monitoring

Deploying temperature dataloggers
Initializing temperature dataloggers
Recovering temperature dataloggers
Downloading data from dataloggers
Temperature dashboard
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VIDEOTUTORIALS - Monitoring mortality

Conducting mortality surveys
Uploading mortality monitoring data
Edit mortality monitoring data
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Conducting fish census
Fish census training
Add fish census
Edit fish census
Fish census multiple upload
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Add mortality survey
Mortality multiple upload
Add mass mortality event
Edit mass mortality
Mass mortality multiple uploads
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