Monitoring Protocol

In T-MEDNet, temperature is being recorded in situ using autonomous sensors (Stowaway Tidbits v2 and HOBO Water Temp Pro v2) setup and recovered by scuba divers annually, or best, twice a year, generally in spring and autumn. The temperature sensors are set to collect hourly records. In general, sensors are setup at standard depth from surface to 40m depth, every 5 m, to provide high-resolution observation, both spatial and temporal, on the seasonal temperature stratification dynamics.

The standard protocol for long-term and high-resolution monitoring of coastal thermal environment has proved its efficiency, ensuring high return rates on observations from years to decades (median > 82%). In general, the temperature sensors are fixed to the seabed rocky substrate although in some cases the T-sensors are attached to specific or opportunistic moorings (buoys chains or cords).

VIDEOTUTORIALS - Temperature monitoring

Deploying temperature dataloggers
Initializing temperature dataloggers
Recovering temperature dataloggers
Downloading data from dataloggers
Temperature dashboard
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Temperature data logger working in a rocky wall

HOBO Water Temp Pro v2 with protector

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